Sungsim (Sunny) Yun is a National Board Certified Acupuncturist by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). She also holds a certification in Clean Needle Techniques from the CCAOM (Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and is an active member of the NJ Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Sunny received her Master of Science degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from South Baylor University in California. She holds a license in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in both New Jersey and California.

Her areas of focus include:

  • Management of back pain, neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and migraine headaches
  • Allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems
  • Gynecological problems such as PMS and menopause
  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress
  • Auto injuries
  • other physical, emotional and neurological issues

For more information about acupuncture and how it can benefit you, you may reach Sunny directly at 201-589-0101 or email her at