This program is designed to give the parents of young athletes a better perspective of what their child’s coach is thinking and how they can work in concert with the coaches to produce the best outcome for the athlete.

About the Speaker

Dr. Michael Duddy will present the unique perspectives of a former high school and youth coach; of a parent of a male and female athlete whose accomplishments included youth, high school, college and international competition; of a former athlete; and of a health care practitioner specializing in athletic injuries.

His resume includes:

  • 2 time youth Wrestling Coach of the Year
  • Head Wrestling Coach Parsippany High School
  • Wrestling Coach Montville High School
  • 6 years Montville Township Board of Education
  • Little League Baseball Coach
  • Softball Coach
  • 12 year instructor of ANJC Volunteer Coaches Training Course
  • 2015 NJ Sports Chiropractor of the Year

Dr. Duddy will share his experiences and strategies to navigate the world of youth athletics and how parents can work with and appreciate their children’s coaches.

About the Program

The 1-hour program will cover

  • Realistic goals for your athlete
  • Helicopter vs Snow Plow Parents
  • Social media and your child
  • Burn Out vs Over Training
  • What are college coaches looking at?
  • Off season
  • Chain of Command
  • The 4 Questions College Coaches Ask
  • What you are responsible for as a parent
  • How to get the most out of your athlete
  • Creating a positive winning culture without risking mental health
  • The magic phrase that will win over your coach
  • What it means to be “Automatic”

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