Given that as much as 85% of physician visits are for problems that have a significant psychological and/or behavioral component, you owe it to yourself to tend to your mental well-being.

Dr. Jessica Arenella holds a doctorate in psychology and is providing wellness coaching and psychotherapy. Dr. Arenella employs a recovery-oriented and empowerment-based model to help her clients achieve their individual goals, including overcoming problems with health, fitness, relationships, self-esteem, assertiveness, trauma, grief, anxiety and depression.

Dr. Arenella understands that financial concerns, work challenges, relationships with family and friends, sexual issues, spiritual and ethical quandaries all affect one’s total wellness, and is available to assist you in finding the inspiration, structure, and focus you need to make necessary changes in your life.

For more information visit her website at or to schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Arenella at 917-304-5901 or e-mail at